Friday, September 28, 2012

Christina Grimmie - My Youtube Idol

"Hey Guys, You Raaawwwkkk!"

"Hey Guys!", one of her catchphrases which she always say probably almost in the beginning in all of her videos. I'm telling you now, first things first, This Christina Grimmie is one of the most talented person I know and I idolize her for that.

I first recognized her music when she sang a Medley of Miley Cyrus's songs. Of course,I dug it, it's Miley's. LOL. She is known in youtube as zeldaxlove64, her username in the video sharing site. She is a pianist and also a singer that does covers of massive hit songs and sing it like the songs is her original compositions. She also gained popularity when she did a duet on the song JUST A DREAM with Sam Tsui, another youtube star. 

For me, she is the best youtube sensation that I know, aside from the fact that she has currently more than 1.7 million subscribers on her YouTube account and has 320 million video views. In most of her videos, she covers the songs live, only playing with piano, doing the song acoustically, and sings it like her own songs by giving such massive styles which I love very much. That's what I like about her, doing a cover live and spicing up songs to make it more enjoyable to hear unlike the other YouTube stars who sing songs pre-recorded and auto-tuned, edited, and stuffs then shoot a video lip synced. 

I like and idolize her so much that I even practice and learn to play piano so I can play like her and, I learn how to play it but unfortunately not like and good as her. :D HAHA! I love her covers so much I even play it everyday and out loud even the people in our house were still asleep. She is known for covering songs of Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and many other artists.Oh. Adele and her favorite vocalist Christina Aguilera too. 

I love her cover version of the songs Just a Dream, Skyscraper, The One That Got Away, Someone Like You, and most especially, her version of Titanium which blew me off away because of her reaching all the high notes and musical stuffs and currently my most fave video of hers.

She is currently 18 years old and she released her album Find Me last year which contains epic songs especially Liar Liar, Find Me, King of Thieves, and Advice.

I'm hoping that I'll be like her someday. I want to learn to play piano like her and sing songs and make it like my own just like how she does it. :) Oh and she even toured with Selena Gomez and opened for her in her concert, how awesome is that? Totally epic! 

Team Grimmie, Yu Raaawwwkkk! She had an awesome hair but now she has a different hair style, and I still like it. I like her old hair style more, tho.

Enjoy her cover of Titanium. Soooo awesome!:

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