Sunday, September 16, 2012

LOL (2012 Film) @MileyCyrus


So fly! My first ever major post with Miley in it! Yeah.. If you are reading my blog, you probably absolutely read Miley throughout some posts coz' i keep on putting her name as much as possible. HAHA. She is like my idol ever since I saw her on Hannah Montana and I really like to thank her for showing and making me love music much more! 

Enough of Miley because we all know how awesome she is. Let's talk about the film.

LOL is a coming-of-an-age film remake of a 2008 french film LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (I haven't seen the original movie yet). The movie is about teenagers doing what they want, doing what they like, and doing what  they think makes them live their life more meaningful and fun despite of having their parents mad at them and grounding them. 

It's a typical American teenage movie about them having love, drinks, drugs, sex , and other stuffs. 

It's about a girl, Lola Williams, getting through her teenage years, peer pressures, and relationships while also dealing problems about family and school. She has an ordinary life, her parents are divorced and has a boyfriend, Chad, until he met someone during summer and broke her heart. She has friends, Emily and Kyle. Kyle and Lola feel the same way at each other but Kyle can't express her feelings towards Lola because she is Chad's ex who is his best friend. Everyone in the the movie struggle in their own problem; grades, love, parents, and all the other usual stuffs that teenagers love including MUSIC. Will Lola find her true love?

This is actually a nice movie to watch for me. I'm still wondering what are the standards of the critics who gave the film negative reviews. Maybe they have already watched the LOL French film and compared the two which we all know is a commercial and critical success? Well, who knows, I just know that I like the movie, Miley's acting (although Miley's voice changed and it's like she has nasal problems or something), Douglas Booth as Kyle, yes, the hot one-sided hairstyle dude that looks like Enrique Gil, but hotter, and pretty much all about the movie especially the song Heart on Fire by Jonathan Clay and Scott Thomas, the song performed by Douglas Booth on the film ( I'm not sure if he was the one singing tho). We all have different and unique way of seeing things by the way, and we have our own opinion. I wish that this movie isn't included in the worst film list though but what the hell, as long as Miley's fans love it, I love it, #IDGAF. :) I have read many negative comments about the film but those are their opinions. My opinion is it's good. :D (This isn't a review about the film by the way.) 

What I hate about the movie is that they,, the production team, didn't give it's proper exposure, marketting, ads, and limited release.

CAST from wiki:

Miley Cyrus as Lola
Demi Moore as Anne
Ashley Greene as Ashley
Douglas Booth as Kyle
Adam Sevani as Wen
Thomas Jane as Allen
Jay Hernandez as James
Marlo Thomas as Gran
Nora Dunn as Emily’s Mother
Gina Gershon as Kathy
Fisher Stevens as Roman
George Finn as Chad
Lina Esco as Janice
Ashley Hinshaw as Emily
Tanz Watson as Lloyd
Austin Nichols as Mr. Ross
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Jeremy


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