Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't Click (Korean Horror Film)

Don't Click Poster

Yesterday afternoon I watched a Korean Horror flick entitled Don't Click. Yeah, obviously by just reading the title it's about computers or internet, hence, DON'T CLICK. LOL.

Remember the film "THE RING"? It's plot doesn't actually differ much from this movie. Both film revolve around a video but apparently Don't Click is more modernize, high-tech and stuffs (especially about iPhone and some Apple branded gadgets and gizmos)but it doesn't mean it's better than the former.

Don't Click revolves around a mysterious odd video about a girl doing an incantation to a doll and curses everyone who watches the said mysterious video. It's the way of the girl to get revenge on what the people did to her family especially to her father. For me, the theme is all about "KARMA", if you all believe in that too. It's like what goes around, comes around, and probably hit you much worse. Jung-Mi asked her sister's boyfriend to retrieve or recover an odd video which stirred up the world wide web years ago and got deleted because of some weird events and stuffs it did to some people. Jung-Mi watched the video, as well as her friend and Joon-Hyuk, her sister's boyfriend. And after watching the video, it's up to See-Hee to save her sister and put an end to the weird and evil things that's happening around them. 

To tell you all honestly, this movie didn't freak nor scare the freak out of me that much.It's like I'm waiting to be startled or scared but got disappointed when it didn't happen. It's not bad though, but it's not as good as the other critically and publicly-acclaimed films such as The Ring, the Shutter, The Grudge, One Missed Call, Coming Soon, Phobia 1 and 2 , and many other films that made quite a stir and buzzes during their release but I'm not saying that it's not worth watching either. It's good to watch especially if you have nothing to do. 

For me, the movie is like a wake up call for all of the people out there who upload such videos like sex scandals, cyber sex, sexual harassing videos, videos that contain killing animals/people or other videos that aren't nice. I just hope that all the people who watch this will open their eyes in the reality and prevent this things to happen even little by little. We all know that many lives are being lost because of such things.

Main Cast:

Park Bo-Young as See-Hee
Joo Won as Joon-Hyuk
Kang Byul as Jung-Mi

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