Friday, September 07, 2012

Ronan by Taylor Swift


Rockstar Ronan
First, I would like to clarify that this new song by Taylor Swift is not a break-up song. And NO, Ronan wasn't a guy that Taylor dated before, yes, WASN'T.


I was tweeting this morning and looked at the Trending topics and I saw "Stand Up 2 Cancer" and "Ronan" are trending. I clicked the Stand Up 2 Cancer topic and found out that the two topics are related. Taylor Swift performed her new song in the said telethon and after her performance, the song is available for digital downloads in Itunes and the proceeds will got to cancer related charities/foundations.

Taylor wrote the song inspired by and dedicated to her 3 year old fan, Ronan Thompson after reading a blog  written by Mrs. Maya Thompson, Ronan's mom. All I know about Ronan is that he was a Taylor Swift fan who died in 2011 because of cancer. I saw his pic this morning on twitter and he was just this cute little blue-eyed boy, a boy who was once full of hope and dreams. I can see in the picture that he was so happy in spite of the struggles, problems, and all of the things he was facing for such an early age. I just hope this freaking disease won't kill children or young people anymore. It's just so sad knowing that they can't live any longer.

This song is definitely, no doubt, one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Taylor doesn't really fail us for what we are craving for. I'm actually teary-eyed right now. She never fails to touch our hearts with her songs, with her words, with her melodies. the first time I heard the song, goose bumps everywhere. Tears were streaming down my face. Everything in the world just slowed down until the song ended.

I think it is very noble for artists to donate the proceeds of their songs to charity and that is why I love people like them, like Taylor and Miley, Demi and Selena, the reason why they are so blessed.. That's why when I become famous too, I'll do the same thing. :P

Kidding aside, here's the lyrics for the song. The lyrics is from a user  "mdddb4", a user from

Such a beautiful song...Please note some lyrics may be off.

I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I remember your little laugh
Race cars on the kitchen floor
Plastic dinosaurs, I love you to the moon and back

I remember your blue eyes looking into mine like we had our own secret club
I remember you dancing before bed time then jumping on me waking me up
I can still feel you hold my hand
Little man, from even that moment I knew
You fought it hard like an army guy
Remember I leaned in and whispered to you

Come on baby with me 
We're gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

I remember the drive home when the blind hope
Turned to crying and screaming, "Why?"
Flowers piled up in the worst way
No one knows what to say about a beautiful boy who died

And it's about to be Halloween 
You could be anything you wanted if you were still here
I remember the last day when I kissed your face
I whispered in your ear

Come on baby with me 
We're gonna fly away from here
Out of this curtained room in this hospital
We'll just disappear
Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

What if I'm standing in your closet trying to talk to you?

What if I kept the hand me downs you won't grow into?

And what if I really thought some miracle would see us through?
But what if the miracle was even getting one moment with you

Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
Come on baby with me 
We're gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I love you to the moon and back

--credits fro the lyrics go their respective owners.

The copyrights for the images used go to the original owners. I just found them all over the internet. most of the images used were from Visit it for more information about this cute little child. :)


Irish Grace Dayao said...

really heart-touching blog-post! It made me cry, like ever.. :')

Arjay said...

thanks for reading and for telling me what u really felt after reading my post. I hope you'll read my next posts in the near future :)

James nash Nepomuceno said...

One of the saddest songs I heard too...

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