Monday, September 24, 2012

The Power of Words


While twittering, I found a great short-film tweeted by one of the people I follow who also follows me. The person who tweeted it is Mr. Brent N. Hunter (@brentnhunter), "It's not what you say, but how you say it". Just reading his tweet, I got curious and viewed the video. I saw it's title "THE POWER OF WORDS" uploaded by purplecontent in YouTube on February 23, 2010 and currently has over 14 million views and just a few hundreds more til' it reach 15 million. 

The video is about a blind beggar, an old man, sitting in the street, and waiting for people who come by and throw some coins at him. His sign says "I'm Blind Please Help". A few throw some few coins, sometimes, the coins even miss the can so he needs to feel where it fell  or went and put it in the can manually. In his situation, as a blind old hobo, it's so hard to find the coins just by feeling it. But then a lady dressed in all black passed by but came back, sat in front of the beggar, picked up the sign and wrote something on the other side of the card board while the beggar is feeling and touching his dark green shoes. After writing, she put the sign back and left. We can see now that a lot of people are throwing and giving a plenty of coins to the beggar and he doesn't even have the time to pick it all up. The lady in black came back and the beggar notice her when he touched and felt her shoes again.

The old man asked him:
"What did you do to my sign?"
Then the lady replied:
"I wrote the same but with different words"
and the old man thanked her.


The video then ends with a caption : "CHANGE YOUR WORDS. CHANGE YOUR WORLD."

The Power Of Words

It is such an inspiring video. Only a minute and a half and it says a lot. You see, even words can change and bring a difference and the result is better. After watching the short-film, I felt the urge that I should write this on my blog and now, I just wrote it. :)

Thanks to Mr. Hunter, if it wasn't for him I may have not seen this video and this post wouldn't be posted. 

Watch it and learn something from it. :)

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