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Mirai Nikki: Another World (Japanese TV Series)

No one holds our future but us.

Finally, I can legitimately publish a post about this TV series I juts finished watching, Mirai Nikki: Another World, which is also known as Future Diary: Live Action. Not to be confused with Dairy. HAHAHA

To all of you anime lovers out there, or even manga lovers, I know that you all know that this series was loosely based from the manga/anime, Mirai Nikki or Future Diary in English.

If you are such a huge fan of the anime, like me, and are planning to watch this series, I'm telling you now to forget or don't even remember anything about it because this series has its very own unique version that contains a huge amount of differences from the original including its plot/story line/characters/phones, etc. And when I say a lot, I mean, 95%. Do the math. LOL

I started watching this probably a month ago and watched 5 episodes within just 2 days but only yesterday when I resumed watching another 2 episodes then continued watching the rest and finished it just half an hour ago. I got to say that I wasn't that hooked up and got bored with this series during the first few episodes but I got totally attached when I finally saw the 8th episode. It's where the show pumped me up and made me sweat and cried and laughed and get emotional and whatsoever. 

As I said earlier, this has nothing to do a lot about the manga/anime which is probably the reason why I didn't  like it at first but I must understand everything because the Another World on the title is the indication that this is apparently a different show.

Here's the synopsis from

From the bestselling comic series comes an all new science fiction drama. The series, having sold over 4,000,000 copies in comics, is a non-stop romantic suspense about teenagers who obtain a "Future Diary". The diary is a cell phone diary that foretells the future, and those get ahold of it suffers the consequence of having to participate in a "survival game". 
Prior to discovering the future diary, Hoshino Arata was an ordinary college student, without any faith in the coming future. Efforts seemed unrewarding and the future, well, who could change fate? Nonetheless, it is the diary that leads Arata to see tomorrow as a sign of hope. 
"Destruction and Rebirth", "The Ultimate Love". These themes intertwine as Arata learns to deal with the diary and its consequences, and ultimately win the survival game set before him. 
--Fuji TV

I don't want to tell you the story, as I always say in my posts, because it might spoil and ruin the surprises for those who want to watch this series, BUT, I will tell some things about it to hype you all up and allure you to watch it.

Differences between the anime/manga and the series:

  • In the anime version, there are 12 future diary owners who fought very damn hard to be the winner and replace Deus Ex Machina as the god of time and space but in this series, there are only 7 diary owners.
  • In the anime, Deus Ex Machina is the god of time and space with a power to control everything about it but in the series, Deus is a woman who is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) controlling Olympia, a world for all the patients who is suffering in a coma.
  • Characters' names also differ, a lot, but some names still remained, like Yuno and Deus. The series didn't include many characters from the manga/anime as well.
  • Yuno is not that harsh of a fighter or killer in the series unlike in the anime. This time, she really just wants to protect Akkun. She is also sweet all the way unlike in the anime where it's like she has a bipolar personality. Sweet and insane.
  • There is only one type of diary in the series and it's mainly a phone diary and needs to be a new Chronus Seed Ltd brand of phone but in the anime, there are several types of diaries like, phone, notebooks, blogs, servers, etc.
  • The future diaries are only available in Olympia, not in the real world unlike in the anime series which ultimately caused a huge damage including a lot of killings.
  • To sum it all up, again, the story differs a lot from the original, hence, Another World.
  • This is purely a romantic-science fiction themed series, and for me, not a heck of a thriller which I like the most about the anime. There were no gory scenes and such. 
  • In the anime, the player disappeared in a vortex kind of disappearing way when he/she was killed OR when the phone was destroyed while in the series, the player disappeared in a pixelated kind of techie way but only if the phone is destroyed.
  • In the anime, when the DEAD END appeared in the diary, a player can change his/her fate by just doing something odd or something that he/she thinks that can change the future but in the series, they can only change their fate by killing another player/destroying the phone and the timer will stop.
  • I don't remember a scene in the anime that they let the timer ran out when the dead end appeared but in the series, nothing really happened when they let the time ran out.
  • The main protagonists in the anime are only kids, I think they were at middle school, while n the series, the protagonist are currently in college.
  • In the series, Akkun and Yuno are already dating but they lost their memories after waking up from a coma but in the anime, Yukki and Yuno only met once during an exam, they barely talk, and they were classmates.
  • Akkun and Yukki became gods in both anime and series but in a different way. Watch it! Watch it nowwww!
So, I think these are the things you all need to know between the two although there are a lot of stuff I want to tell you but it'll only spoil you There were also some similarities between the series and the anime and I think it's purely loosely based and only similar in such a small way like the characters of Rui who/which is a program created by Deus in the series and Akise Aru who is created by Deus in the anime but thet both serve as a close friend/lover of the male protagonist. Then, there is the killer who is also a diary owner just like in the anime but they differ a lot when it comes to personalities and job.

I actually didn't like the ending of this series. It's a very sad/happy/sweet/I-don't-know-what-to-feel kind of ending and I wish it just turned out as I wanted to but I'm not the writer or the director of the series so i can't do anything. I also didn't like the ending of the anime because it didn't contain the last volume of the manga but if you read the last volume, you'll be happy to know what happened to the 2 cute little couple.

I like the actors who played the 2 main protagonist characters. Although Akkun's character isn't like Yuki's who is awkward and very very very coward, I began to love Akkun as well. Both of them share the same laziness. I like Akkun's face and Yuno's cuteness! Oh, and I love how fast Yuko can ran in the series. :D

I liked this series but not as much as I LOVE the anime version. I was really hooked up watching the anime and just finished all the 26 episodes in just 2-3 days. That's how I love it. It's very much of a thriller unlike this series which I think is very soft and romantically sweet. But hey, it's still worth a watch.

Cast and Characters (from:

Okada Masaki as Hoshino Arata
Gouriki Ayame as Furusaki Yuno
Ikeda Ririi (池田莉々依) as young Yuno (ep3)
Hongo Kanata as Moriguchi Rui
Fukuda Mayuko as Okie Haruna
Kikuchi Fuma (菊池風磨) as Kosaka Ouji
Nakamura Yuri as Uehara Rinko
Tominaga Saori (富永沙織) as Asami Marina
Hiraga Masaomi as Kurata Akatsuki/Satoshi
Hiraoka Yuta as Okuda Yosuke
Nikaido Fumi (二階堂ふみ) as Fuwa Megumi
Okada Yoshinori as Hagito Kinjiro
Miyazaki Yoshiko as Hoshino Reiko
Mitsuishi Ken as Hoshino Kuro
Ito Ayumi as Sudo Kasumi
Uchida Yuki as Jinguji Rei
Sano Shiro as Kibe Toru

copyrights for the images used still go to their respective owners. I don't own any of it.


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