Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Lotus (Christina Aguilera Album)

I am a blank page waiting for you to bring me to life

Prior to the release of Christina Aguilera's  most anticipated album in the spotlight, Lotus, on November 9, 2012, the album has been leaked and fans online are already enjoying downloading and listening, some may be even singing, to her songs, including me. 

I remember my friends and I were singing her songs when we were in elementary and high school, God, I miss those old days. My close friend is a huge fan of X and I think she's even addicted and obsess with her.

Moving on, as I was saying, I shamelessly downloaded the leaked album and at this time of day, I'm currently listening to it and I've got to say that I already have some favorite tracks from it, especially the sad ballad ones.

Christina's voice didn't change for worse, in fact, her voice got more powerful and her songs' lyrics are fiercer and more touching this time. 

The album covers a lot of genres, but mainly dance-pop, ballad, and rock.

Her piano-driven ballad songs are the best for the reason of her voice is fusing with the piano itself, combining epically and creating sounds that are good for our ears; very powerful, dramatically entertaining, and emotionally driving me to tears.

To write and compose such songs included in the album, one must be in the height of his/her emotions and I can feel almost all it. I haven't heard all the songs, that's why I used almost all. Christina had gone through a lot of hurt, sadness, and happiness in the previous years, including her divorce from her ex-husband, and it's unarguably understandable that she can touch us with her words and emotionally-driven powerful belting voice. I'm saying it now, I miss her powerful vocals! That huge high voice inside a small girl's body. God, she is just talented!

Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, her fellow judge/mentors from The Voice, are also featured on the album. I wonder why Adam Levine isn't on this? UGH.

Tracklist: from (wikipedia)
Standard edition
1."Lotus Intro"  Christina AguileraAlexander Grant, Candice Pillay, Dwayne AbernathyAlex da Kid, Dem Jointz, Pillay3:17
2."Army of Me"  AguileraAguilera, Jamie Hartman3:26
3."Red Hot Kinda Love"  Aguilera, Lucas SeconOlivia WaitheSecon3:06
4."Make the World Move" (featuring CeeLo Green)Grant, Pillay, Abernathy, Mike Del Rio, Jayson Dezuzio, Thomas Decarlo Callaway, Armando TrovajoliAlex da Kid, Pillay3:00
5."Your Body"  Max MartinShellbackSavan Kotecha, Tiffany AmberMartin, Shellback3:59
6."Let There Be Love"  Martin, Shellback, Kotecha, AmberMartin, Shellback3:21
7."Sing for Me"  Aeon Manahan, Virginia BlackmoreIan Step Manahan4:00
8."Blank Page"  Aguilera, Chris BraideSia FurlerBraide4:04
9."Cease Fire"  Aguilera, Grant, PillayAlex da Kid, Pillay4:07
10."Around the World"  Dwayne Chin-QueeJason GilbertChin-Quee, Gilbert3:24
11."Circles"  Aguilera, Grant, Pillay, AbernathyAlex da Kid, Pillay3:25
12."Best of Me"  Aguilera, Grant, Pillay, DezuzioAlex da Kid, Pillay4:08
13."Just a Fool" (with Blake Shelton)Steve RobsonClaude Kelly,Wayne HectorRobson, Kelly4:13
Total length:

I like the songs Army of Me, Let There Be Love, Sing For Me, Cease Fire, Light Up The Sky, Empty Words, Just A Fool and my most favorite song off the album, Blank Page. Blank Page is just so emotionally and sadly written that I can even feel all the sad emotions flowing endlessly in the whole song itself. Piano + Christina's voice = Epic.

Isn't Christina look OH SO HOT on those pics? *Drool*

BTW, let's still support legit downloads! :)

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