Friday, November 02, 2012

Chapman Square (Lawson Album) Deluxe Edition

Love is taking over me.

I'm currently listening to Lawson's latest album, "Chapman Square", and I tell you I'm loving every song in it.

To tell you all the truth, I only knew about this band last September thankfully because the video for one of their singles from the album was listed or included in the Myx Hit Charts and MIT 20, Taking Over Me, which I believe is my most favorite song from this amazingly well-done album!

I can't say many things about this album cause I haven't heard all the songs from it yet but I will listen to it laturrrr.. At the moment, I already listened 6 songs from this album. I got a copy of this album, Deluxe Edition, last October 25 but this was the only time I listened to it. LOL! Forgive me for being addicted to Taylor Swift's Red. I've been listening to it everyday.

The reason why I love this album so much is mainly because of its songs about heartbreaks and love. Oh, and let's not forget about the beautiful voice of their front man, Andy Brown. Damn, this band is consisting of guys like gods of talents. I effinly love his soulful and hot voice especially when he's like singing at the top of his lungs. It's just very moving. What can I say? Songs with so much passion and soul in its lyrics + a beautiful voice singing it = perfection in our ears and very enjoyable to hear despite of it being rock-ish and radio-friendly. 

The reason for Chapman Square being the title for their album is because it is the place where they started to play together as a band, thus, the name of the place is very important to them.

Again, I can't say more about the album but I'll enjoy listening to it from now on and besides, this ain't a site for reviews and reception, this is just my entertainment diary. Ever since I heard Taking Over Me, I began to be a fan of this band. Standing in the Dark and Gone are also among the best from the album. :)

Members of the Lawson:

Andy Brown
Joel Peat
Ryan Fletcher
Adam Pitts

Chapman Square Track listing:

01 Standing In the Dark
02 Gone
03 Taking Over Me
04 Everywhere You Go
05 Waterfall
06 When She Was Mine
07 Make It Happen
08 Learn to Love Again
09 Stolen
10 You'll Never Know
11 You Didn't Tell Me
12 The Girl I Knew

Deluxe Edition:
13 Anybody Out There?
14 Who You Gonna Call
15 Red Sky
16 Touch
17 Taking Over Me (Acoustic Version)
18 When She Was Mine (Acoustic Version)

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