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Take Me Home Yearbook Edition (One Direction)

Couples of days ago, I published a post about the latest album by the boy band One Direction. And it is currently the most viewed post here on my blog. Thank you so much directioners for reading it. To those who haven't read it yet, you can click this link Take Me Home (One Direction Album).

So apparently, this post is mainly a continuation of my post about their album so this'll not take long.

The Take Me Home Yearbook Edition contains all of the songs from the standard version including the twitter trends and  hits Live While We're Young and Little Things plus 4 more songs! Go download on Itunes or buy the yearbook edition album instead of the standard cus although it costs you more money, it has additional 4 songs and contains 24 page picture book with images of the boys from the past year! If you're a die hard directioner, like ever, go add it to your collection and drool over their pics all night long. Or all week long. Month Long. Year Long. Decade Long. Forever Long.

The additional 4 songs are:

She's Not Afraid - a fast, upbeat song where the guys, but mostly Zayn, sang about a girl/s who's/are not afraid of different stuff. Wow, that girl sure is tough. Now girls, when you hear this song, just do all the things the boys were singing and they might fall in love with you, too,  Cause obviously, that girl caught the band's attention. When I heard the intro, it reminds me of Footloose.. I kinda like the song for its meaning and its beat.

Loved You First - Also an upbeat song but not necessarily a song to shake your booty with primarily because of its meaning. The guys' sang their broken heart out and feelings for the girl they want but is now taken by another guy. Sad, but that's life. Even these guys lose girls. You see? (Although they didn't write the song.)

Nobody Compares - Yeah. This song sounds very One Direction-ish. According to metrolyrics when I looked up the lyrics for this song, Liam has no solo part. I don't know tho, I don't know what his voice sounds like. HAHA! I like Harry's part here. Again, about a girl, obviously with no comparison (in their point of view).

Still The One - A song begging for forgiveness... Ahhhh.. A typical song for guys who finally realized they made their greatest mistake letting go the girl of their life.  "I was so stupid for letting you go. But I know you’re still the one. You might have moved on. But girl you should know that I know you're still the one". A very fun song to listen and sway fastly to.

These four tunes are all good and very typical types for being the additional songs for the deluxe edition. The only thing that I noticed about the band's whole album is that their intros, beats, and sounds, for most all of their songs, are the same and very recognizable as One Direction songs. I wish them luck and be better and better from time to time.

Additional Info:

Take Me Home will be available in the following formats: (from
  • Standard 13 track CD and digital download
  • Deluxe 17 track CD and digital download, physical cd known as the yearbook edition, featuring the album encased in a twenty-four page picture book with images of the band from the past year
  • Super Deluxe box set, containing 17 track CD, t-shirt in specified size, one direction wristband, sticker sheet and a thirty six page picture book with images of the band, all encased in a large design box
  • exclusive, standard edition available in a number of different slipcases - Harry, Louis, Niall, Zain or Liam
  • exclusive, standard edition encased within an exclusive black & white picture slipcase
  • ASDA exclusive, 13 track CD with limited edition poster booklet containing all of the album's lyrics
  • Tesco exclusive, 16 track CD in limited edition picture sleeve with five alternate postcards of the band
  • Target exclusive, 18 track CD with five extra tracks only available on the particular edition
  • Japanese exclusive, 20 track CD with seven extra tracks, three of which only available in the particular edition

(c) of images:
Syco, Columbia Records


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