Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taylor Swift Intimate Performance (Live from New York City)

"Put your hands up, it's pretty."

Oh My Gosh. It's been in a while from  the past since I last watched a performance, or should I say mini-concert, and that was Demi Lovato's Intimate Performance and this time, I just watched one of the best performance ever performed by one of the word's greatest performer, Taylor Swift! Our sweet and lovely Taytay! :)

I've got to say that I really enjoy watching Taylor's performance and truth be told, she has improved a lot when it comes to singing, song-writing, and even in dancing! Damn, what a really talented gal.

I just watched her performance on YouTube, Live from New York City, which I obviously think is to promote her latest hit album, Red. 

I am so weird that I even watched sang along it in YouTube 5 o'clock in the morning and I didn't even care if I wake someone up. All i know is that I wanna sing when Taylor sings. Oh well, the things Tay-tay does to me.

Here, I'm going to link her 6 amazing performances from YouTube. She sang a total of 6 songs, 2 songs from her album Fearless, 1 song from Speak Now, and 3 songs from her latest album, Red

Enjoy everyone!

From Fearless, Love Story.

From Speak Now, Mean.

From Red, Begin Again.

From Red, Red.

From Fearless, You Belong With Me.

I hope you all enjoy her performances as much as I did. Sing-along and even move your booty, dance to the groove! :D
I'm really a certified Swifty. I hope I can watch her live. I really really really wanna see her perform live in front of my eyes with big eyebags. LOL
Red is probably the best album of the year! 
I don't own any kind of media on this post. 
The videos are from TaylorSwiftVEVO account on YouTube.
Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story, Mean, Begin Again, red, You Belong With Me, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Live from New York City). © 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC


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