Friday, November 02, 2012

Little Things Official Music Video by One Direction

Woah!!! The long wait is over, girls and guys directioners, because the much awaited official music video for the 2nd lead single of the boyband One Direction, Little Things, is here. We-eeehhh (to the tune of Taylor's we).

At last, after different snippets, it's now here. So, I am correct, 1 am in the Philippines, the video will be released, meaning 5 pm in UK. LOL. Honestly, I wasn't sure before but I computed it and finally got it right. I hate you, TIME ZONES. :)

I am actually confused because there is also another video in youtube for this song, and I actually thought it's the official one. The video contains scenes that are recorded during the boys' concert, fan shows, autograph signing, etc. 

UPDATE: Now I understand.. There are 2 video versions made for the song and those are found below :) The version 2 is a fan made video uploaded by OneDireotionVEVO. But som say it was originally made by myplasticfeeling.

Btw, about the vid, it's simplicity makes it perfect. The black and white hue as its effect makes it more serious and added a dash of "let's look back at our past" thing, just like reminiscing, and it's pretty  convincing and well-made for such a simple and sad song.

The boys sang their hearts out in the video and I've got to say I can feel their silliness and seriousness while singing and shooting in the studio. What makes it more moving is they are just being themselves, doing what friends do when hanging out, chilling, and just like doing a singing session.

I don't know. I'm stunned after watching this vid. 

The song is about an ex-girlfriend, right? the video does look like about it but not that much. It's as if the boys are telling us and wanting their fans to know all the pretty little things and moments that they cherish as friends even though that's not what they are saying literally.

All I know is that if you are a girl, and one of the member of 1D sings this in front of you, I know you'll die. Firstly, because of sweetness. Then his voice. His looks. The message of the song even if you don't have freckles. The urge of wanting to scream but you can't and just keeping freaking out inside your mind. And lastly, because who doesn't want that to happen to them? I mean, come on. Be real. :)

Oh. And, I miss Liam's old hairstyle. The one that Zac Efron and Bieber used to have and I don't like him semi-bald. Really. How many times do you really have to change your hair style? :/ I like Harry's eyes in this vid. They are so crystal clear just like the eyes of a kitty. Zayn's smile is pretty cute here too. 

So I don't have a copy of their last album despite of liking some songs in it but this time, I think I'm gonna busy myself listening for their songs included in this new album that will be released this month! Take Me Home.

Over all, I like the vid. Very simple and very perfect for a very simple and perfect song written by a very perfect guy, Ed Sheeran. Thanks for existing, mate! This is now my most fave One Direction video so far, surpassing Live Like We're Young. Simplicity is beauty.

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