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American Horror Story :Asylum (Season 2)

American Horror Story: Asylum

Truth be told, I've been waiting for so many months just to watch the the 2nd season of one of the most anticipated shows, American Horror Story, and just half an hour ago, I've watched the first episode of it,   "Welcome to Briarcliff", and I've got to say, it's one of the darkest TV series that my eyes have laid on.

I am one of the many fans of the show's first season because of its genre, horror. You know how I love horror stuff. But not all that. the first season is full of scares, drama, love and and dark sensual things which people like me dig in and enjoy watching. The actors and actresses were all very good and they portrayed their characters who I truly fell in love with, especially the characters Tate, Violet, and the butt-showing Ben. LOL

That's why this season of the show, some casts returned from the first season and this time, they portray different characters, who, according to the show's producers Ryan Murphy, are very different and actually the exact opposite of their past characters.

This seasons' Haunted Place.

Last season, we were introduced to the haunted California house bought by the Harmon family which gave them a lot of problems. Now we are going to watch the characters suffer in a newly haunted place, the Asylum. The 'Asylum', called Briarcliff, is/was operated by a nun named Sister Jude, back in the 60's, where criminally insane people are admitted and treated like prisoners and being cruelly punished by the head nun if they do something wrong, caning and whipping them bloody. Canes and whips remind me of Christian Grey. Oh sweet fifty.

Here's a kind of confusing recap of the episode:

The 1st episode begins in the present time with a newly-wed couple, taking pictures and do flirty stuff and try to consummate their wedding in 12 haunted places in the world, and guess what? One of them is is Briarcliff. The two, Leo and Teresa, went inside and try to search and do some sexy stuff where they heard banging sounds from the chute. While they "kinkily" investigate the chute, Leo's arm was cut off by an unknown being.

The scene shifted back to 1964 where we see one of the characters, Kit Walker, operating a business. After some scenes with his secretly married wife, a scene showing Kit was being abducted by alien and God, I was feeling his pain just by watching it.

The scene then shifted to the asylum where "Bloody face", who is also Kit, is being transferred. He is called Bloody face after killing  and mutilating several women, including his own wife, skinning them and make it his mask. I've got to say that last season, Evan Peters didn't show off any skin but I was shocked that this time, he finally showed a lot, including his butt. Damn Murphy and Falchuck. Moving on, a reporter named Lana Winters, (who reminds me of Lana del Rey), is thinking that there's something mysterious going on inside the asylum and wants to find out. So the night that Kit was being experimented by Dr. Arden, who uses tortures, killing, and experiments just to discover the darkness that lies inside every human beings, she trespassed in the Asylum but got caught by the vicious head nun and admitted her inside for being a lesbian. The first episode also tells us about the rivalry between the head nun Sister Jude and Dr. Arden, who says that he is the real operator or head of the asylum. Dr. Arden's appearance gives me the creeps and goose bumps.  

We then shifted back again to the present time where Leo is losing his blood because of his cut arm and her wife panicking, ran out of the asylum but cannot find the exit. In the end, she ran in the direction where he was found and attacked by the murderer "Bloody Face" with his mask on, leaving us hanging with the mystery if the masked assailant is still Kit.

Some thoughts:

If the first season, we have the Rubber Man as the one killing the people, this time, we are introduced to a new evil character, Bloody Face.

Last season, we were eased by the horror but this time, it's darker. this is probably the darkest show that I have ever watched.

The first episode also introduced us to so many mysteries, leaving us hanging and wanting to watch the next episode just to get some answers we are all craving to know. I've got to say, this is quite a start for a horror show. It's more disgusting, brutal, and sensual than the first, and I'm loving it now. Let's see and wait what'll happen to the next episodes. :D

I actually thought at first that Adam Levine and Jena Dewan-Tatum were one of the leading or main cast this season but after seeing them in the first scene, 2 words just got into my mind: Recurring Casts, and I'm right.

Evan Peters also showed his butt in this episode which all the girls were waiting for last season, especially after Dylan Mcdermott showed his, but disappointingly he kept it inside his pants. But wait no more. *DROOLING*. And I am waiting for the character of Zachary Quinto to come out and do his work! Jessica Lange is obviously flawless in her acting. She is just gracefully and horribly good especially at acting being vicious! This also marks the TV Acting debut of Maroon 5's front man "Adam Levine." He is also currently in The Voice as a judge/mentor.

What can I say? Old or young, these cast are so thoughtfully ensemble. They are all hot and sexayyyy.

I am officially saying that we are routing on the diverse road unlike in the first season's key, Simplicity. 

Casts: (from

Main cast:
Zachary Quinto as Dr. Oliver Thredson
Joseph Fiennes as Monsignor Timothy Howard
Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters
Evan Peters as Kit Walker
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice
Lizzie Brocheré as Grace
James Cromwell as Dr. Arthur Arden
Jessica Lange as Sister Jude

Recurring cast
Adam Levine as Leo
Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Teresa
Chlo√ę Sevigny as Shelly the Nymphomaniac
Mark Consuelos as Spivey
Clea DuVall as Wendy
Franka Potente
Britne Oldford as Alma Walker
Mark Margolis as Sam Goodwin

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