Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Begin Again Music Video (Taylor Swift)

All Love ever does is break, and burn, and end.

Just a month ago, photos of Taylor Swift dating with a guy in Paris surfaced the world wide web and fans were talking about it. Yes, they were talking about the shoot of Taylor Swift's latest music video for her single, Begin Again. I admit I waited for this video to come out on YouTube or on Vevo, looking forward for a very simple-looking Taylor just like what she looked like in her other video Back To December, and now it came true and Taylor is just simply amazing and stunning. How could you hate such beauty and talent? 

I think the MV was released probably more than 10 hours ago and I don't know where I was at so I'm gonna post about it now.

Begin Again is the second official single from Taylor's latest album offering, Red, and it's one of the saddest songs from the album. It's simply fantastic which also effortlessly touches our hearts because of its melody and sweet lyrical words about one of her first dates and all the awkwardness and vulnerabilities that go along with it. 

Taylor floats, rides a bike, and sings passionately in the streets and rivers or waters of Paris while wearing simple but elegant dresses with of course, her RED lipstick. This is just a perfect video for a slow sad song and it's just heavenly heartwarming and very pleasant for our eyes to see. Tay-tay isn't one of your hoes, ya'll. 

The video is just lovely and romantically dreamy especially the part that it was shot in Paris, France, like, hell yeah!

Can you tell me who's the guy in this vid? Can't seem to find his name anywhere.
Enjoy the vid! :D

So, Red just sold more than a million copies in the States with just less than a week which make her an artist with 2 albums that sold more than a million within a week! LIKE, omg, Speak Now was the first and now, this! I don't blame them. Red is just epically amazing and critically acclaimed! Tay-tay is the bomb at the moment! Way to go, Swifties! We did it! :)

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